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2014-08-11 @ 07:00:46 / Allmänt / Kommentera (0) st
Saturday, haha.
It was all good, he wasnt nervous, he jumped and everything went well. We discussed however we should do it ourselfs or not. I said no, never, defenitly not xD
Not a chance in hell.
Then, straight home.
I spent the evening with setting up my desktop computer again so I could get back to gaming.
Me and sis spent the day in front of the computer togheter. I taught her how to play prophunt, haha. She liked it though ^^
And we were to check on the horses cause Valle (Sis's pony) had his birthday yesterday =D So we went to give them apples and such ^^
And I went through some of the stuff from the house. *sigh*
Well well..
Now the clock is 7 in the morning and I'm gonna go brush my teeth and start to go down to my new job and do my first day there.
I havent slept good at all cause there was this goddamn fly that kept harassing me >,< But oh well, I'll be tired and all good to sleep tonight instead then I hope.
Just gotta remind myself to charge my mp3 so I can take a walk with music later. Didnt walk either saturday or sunday. Bad bad.
Anyhow, time to go =)
C ya around!

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