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2014-08-12 @ 20:38:49 / Allmänt / Kommentera (0) st
Work 7,30 - 1, then home, played a little. Got invited to some game, when I came there it turned out to be a tryout for a new dodgeball clan. I told them I'm not good enough, but they took me in anyway. Hahah.
Then away for some song and guitarr practice. Then home, dinner and then mom asked if I could follow to the horses to put up some fence for a new pen.

When we came there, there was already people doing the fence so we went up to the horses and started to put on the anti-mosquito spray on them, I wrestled with the little yellow pony, he doesnt like the spray. Haha.
Then we took them down to the other pen to the other horses, my sis's pony was happy xD He ran around like a maniac. Then I gave one of them food, but when the other horses got close he got scared so he knocked me with his big head straight over my eyebrow, hurts like fuck ^^
Then we took down the old pen and then went to the equestrian center to check up on my mom's pony aswell.

And now we're home.
Some gaming, a shower and then bed? Yes.

C ya around

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