Kissing horses

2014-08-08 @ 20:16:25 / Allmänt / Kommentera (0) st
Sister took a ride on the yellow pony so she can compete with him on thursday
I took her other pony and followed them by foot
But before we went to this fence we were at the equestrian and took care of my moms pony.
I was sitting in the sun listening to music while they were grooming the pony. Haha good times.

Now we're home and everyone crashed in the couch.
I miss my gaming friends =/ I want to set up my computer so bad right now. Uugh.
Dont know what to do the rest of the night, since I took a walk with the pony I dont really feel the urge to take another walk tonight.
So.. one tree hill and talk with people I guess?

C ya around.

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