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So.. Yesterday it was finally time for me to get back on the horse.
My first real riding in 1,5 years.

Ofc I got put on my prince Vivack. I figured that out already ^^
Came there, goofing of, giggeling like a schoolgirl and was superexcited. Got some brushes and started to make him ready for the lesson, I kinda forgot how big he was during the time I was away xD
Then I watched the lessons before mine.
Got the saddle and the bridle on and up up and away ^^

I got up in the saddle and god it felt like home. 
The lesson itself was about collecting. Collected walk, collected trot,
So we rode in a straight line and then collected the walk for a few steps, making a stop and then moving on again.
Same in the trot, at first he was a bit tense and was fighting against the briddle and was more focused on things happening around us. But after a few laps and some canter he calmed down and in the end he was sooooo good! I got a really good feeling.

This morning I just felt a little ache in my seatbones.
Now it's getting worse and worse xD
My calfs, shoulders, highstomachmuscles and my ass is all aching xD
And I know it will only get worse the next couple of days.

But I cant wait untill next tuesday =3 How did I ever doubt where I belong?

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