Tired today

2014-08-08 @ 11:59:08 / Allmänt / Kommentera (0) st
Woke up so many times this night. uugh.
Sometimes I dont even know why, and then a couple of times from the amazing thunder. So I got up at around 9,30 to eat breakfast and then I went back to bad and started to watch One Tree Hill again ^^ At season two now. So many memories.
The headache is slightly better today but it's still there. So goddamn annoying. Don't know if it's the lack of sugar, the lack of water or that I'm not used to this bed. Either way it bugs me and makes me in a pretty pissed mood.
Anyhow. The plans for the weekend is really nothing special.
Tomorrow we're going to Sundsvall to look at my aunt's man when he's gonna parachutejump. And then I think we're going with my brother to his apartment. 
Gonna see if I can set up my desktop on sunday too. I miss gaming with my friends.
Todays musictip:
Shinedown - The crow and the butterfly
Such an amazing song!

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