When your body is not adjusted to your head

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Haha okey so.. It's been...
1year and.. 3months since I was last doing horsebackriding "seriously" taking lessons and such. since then I've been in a saddle twice.
Today it was time to ride the horses back to the equestriancenter and since Im going to take lessons this fall I signed up to ride my old carehorse Vivack. Or PrinceVire as I call him xD
So.. Went to the fence. Started to call for him and the other horse. Nothing, start to wander around this huuuuge fence, didnt find them anywhere. We walk for a good 10min without finding them. They were at the place furthest away ofc. Took them with us up to the barn, started to look for saddles and briddles. To the other horse we found his things. To Prince, nope. Nothing, but I was like oh well, he's nice and calm, I'll just take some reins and ride him bridleless and bareback.
Said and done, away we go.
I sit and lean backwards on his back talking to the other girl, no saddle no briddle just loving being on a horse again.
Suddenly, a monster appears. It was sneaking towards us, without a sound, then turning away to lead us to think that we were safe. Prince didnt believe it and didnt wanna go. So we went around the other way, then the monster came creeping towards us again. Prince starts to spin in cirkles so I jump off before I fall off xD We walk past the monster. It was a robot-grassclipper xD You know one of those where you put up ribbons to show where it's gonna cut. Anyhow.

I jump back up and we continue, the rain starts to fall and it's just.. Amazing being on a horse again.
Then we ride by the old animalfarm, and the horses doesnt like that so slightly before my Prince starts acting up again. Backing, spinning in a cirkle, almost walking in to the other horse. But we got past. Then all of a sudden he takes a huuge step to the side. I was unprepared and fell on the ground on my back like a turtle xD
The reins broke and the other girl asked if I was ok. I sit up, nothing broken. I sit on my knees, aoch... I hurt my left knee. I get up, limping away thinking I could walk the last part. But my knee was hurting so goddamn much I had to find a rock so I could get back on the horse (He's a really big one)
So I get up on the rock, takes me about three tries to get back up xD And we continue to the center without further accidents.

Now I'm home and gonna put some heatcare on the knee and hope that it is good to go for tomorrow. It's probably the leading-string on the outside of the knee that got hurt. :3
Goddamnit, the balance is not what it used to be xD

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