The life in the wild west

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Haha what to say?
So, we get in the car and drive to get a trailer. We put the trailer on the car and drive to the equestriancenter to pick up a bathtub to use as waterbar for the horses in the new pen.
We drive to the pen and put the bathtub there, drive back up to the barn at the old pen and start taking out the horses. Some people were taking horses down to the new pen and me and sis went to pick up the ponnies
I found a pretty yellow one
So we took them to another fence and then we went back down to the barn. All of a sudden comes two horses from the new pen running. Goddamn horses. Turns out they jumped the fence >,<
So the rest of the horses went crazy.
It took a while to figure everything out, haha.
Now we're back home and I'm chilling a while before it's time to take my eveningwalk.
Just loading up the mp3 with some new music. Although I dont listen to all the songs when I'm out. The distance on my walks is just around 1,5-2km so it's not long but it's a start and it feels good. So, all good =)

Time to get back to the music.

C ya around.

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