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And then we were home.
Been out in the woods at the ponnies for a couple of hours, fencemeeting, then spraying them with the anti-mosquito thingy and just plain talking to people.
My look ^^ cool as fuck. The wightloss is really giving me some collarbones. It's nice.
Now I've had some grilled chicken and just gonna let it sink for 5-10min and then I'm taking a walk, then a shower and then head to bed for some reading.
Reading Metallica's biography again, it's soooo good. 
Another thing, I'm starting to look like a turtle xD My skin is bubbeling since the burn so I get these small liquidfilled bubbles, and when I pop them it looks like turtleskin. Sunprotection for the win.
Anyhows.. Time to get the shoes on and the music pumpin.
Oh. Some have been wondering why I type in english, and it's because a couple of my friends from my server is reading this blog. And considering most swedish people know english but not anyone of my englishspeakingfriends understands swedish. That's how it is ^^

C ya around.

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